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AppSumo Discount Codes and Promotions

Many of us shop at AppSumo for discounted software, tools, and other tech-related items. Even if the prices are low, it can’t hurt to get even bigger discounts, right?

The good news is that as a AppSumo customer, you have a number of ways to get an even better deal by using discount codes (single or cumulative). You could even get free bonus credit from AppSumo! That’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Single AppSumo Discount Codes

This is the more straightforward way of getting an AppSumo discount. You apply a voucher to your shopping cart and voilà, you get an instant % OFF the total!

These AppSumo promo codes are usually only redeemable by accounts where they have never been used before. The theory is that for a brand NEW AppSumo account that has never used one of these discount codes, any of them codes work.

Below are the links that activate an AppSumo discount (10% OFF each):

AppSumo discount code 1
AppSumo discount code 2
AppSumo discount code 3

Sometimes AppSumo activates/deactivate the discount codes, so the only way of knowing is trying them before making a purchase. As of the time I am writing this, all the codes above are active and have worked for me.

Each usually discount only works once in each account, but there are times when AppSumo has reset the discount codes for everyone, so it might worth to give them another try from time to time (I have used some of them more than once in a single account in different moments).

Once you get your AppSumo promo code working on your account, I recommend you use the discount codes as soon as possible before they disappear (I lost an AppSumo coupon code for waiting too much time).

Before proceed with the next AppSumo promotion, I’m going to show you how to claim the AppSumo coupon codes.

How to redeem the AppSumo coupon codes?

You are just a click away from applying these discount codes to your cart total. You must be logged into your AppSumo account to use the coupon.

Once you’ve clicked on the link that contains the coupon, you’ll see a notification similar to the one on the image at the top right of your desktop confirming that the coupon has been correctly applied.

Appsumo discount code

If the coupon is not valid, you will see a message similar to the one below (mobile view). In this case, it indicates “Coupon is valid for new users only” so only new AppSumo accounts can enjoy this coupon code.

AppSumo discount code new users only mobile

Remember that each discount can only be used once per AppSumo account, so better plan what you want to take before confirming your purchase. The discount will be applied to all AppSumo deals you add to your cart once, so it is always better to get more items than less, because using a coupon will not affect your refund guarantee with AppSumo. You have the same money-back guarantee (the usual 60-day refund period) for any item you end up not wanting/needing.)

AppSumo A+ Member Promotions

This is undoubtedly the way of getting the best AppSumo promotion. Depending on which A+ memberships you have access to, you can activate 2 different types of promo discounts: the cumulative AppSumo discount and/or the free additional AppSumo credit.

AppSumo Cumulative Discount

There are 2 ways to become an AppSumo A+ member. The first is to subscribe to AppSumo Plus (not the best option for you, as I will show you).

The second option is to become a Briefcase by AppSumo member (this is my most recommended option because it includes multiple additional benefits that I comment in the last part of this post).

With either of these memberships, you can enjoy an extra 10% OFF on every purchase you make on AppSumo. The good news is that the discount is cumulative with any promotional code! That means you can combine the AppSumo membership discount (10% OFF) with any coupon code to get an even bigger discount!

For example, if you are/become an AppSumo A+ member (with any of the options above) and you use one of the active discount links above (10% OFF), you will enjoy a 20% off your next AppSumo deal! (the subscription 10% off + a 10% off coupon = 20% off).

But beware, because even though you can get a huge discount with the cumulative method, this is not the biggest of all possible AppSumo promos.

Free Bonus AppSumo Credit (the best option).

This is something that not everyone knows. In fact, most people make the mistake of choosing the wrong AppSumo membership (included me in the past…) I almost can’t believe I wasted 2 years of savings and thousands of dollars just because I didn’t sign up for the right AppSumo plan. Even you might be giving up additional benefits, such as a bonus $50 free credit. Free money that you can spend directly on AppSumo deals!

Learn more about how to get the biggest AppSumo promotion opt-in to the free credit for maximizing your AppSumo savings by choosing the right AppSumo membership.

My 2 cents: be creative and try to combine all the possible options you have to get as much value for your money. You can easily save hundreds of dollars this way.

As I will be updating the discount codes and all possible ways to maximize your AppSumo purchase, it would be good if you bookmark this article.

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