AppSumo Plus Subscriber?

Sorry you are wasting your money (just like I did)!

AppSumo Plus VS Briefcase

Let me explain to you why getting AppSumo Plus is a MISTAKE for 99% of the people:

Appsumo Plus has a $99 fee that you cannot use to buy deals, so it is kind of additional cost, isn’t it?

Yes, I know… they give you some perks (10% OFF, priority sales access…), but that’s all… What if I tell you that there is a way you could also access not only those same perks but MANY MORE?

Is there a better alternative to Appsumo Plus?

Yes, there is. Briefcase by Appsumo is their best membership option. As a Briefcase member, you not only get access to all the benefits of AppSumo Plus (10% OFF, priority sales access…), but also all the money you put in that subscription becomes pre-paid consumable credits (with a multiplier bonus). That extra credit goes directly to your Appsumo account!

Which is better Appsumo Plus OR Briefcase and why?

I’m trying to be objective her, so let’s do the maths:

AppSumo plust cost $99 and you get a 10% OFF discount. You need to buy more than 20 deals of $49 to be on break even (20x$49 = $980 > 10% = $98). Only when you buy at least 21 deals of $49 you start to get economic benefits…

Investing in a Briefcase subscription is $147 every 4 months BUT you get $196 in credits for expending directly on AS! (4 chips of $49 value each one).

That’s fantastic because only for subscribing to Briefcase, you are already making 50 bucks!

Don’t miss the common FAQs at the bottom of this page for a further explanation in how to take the best of Briefcase and how it compares with Plus subscription.

What makes Appsumo Briefcase is your best option?

  • Direct Extra credit (4 coupons/chips of $49 that you can use for acquiring any of the lifetime deals available on AppSumo). That’s $196 in return for only a $147 investment; virtually a 25% direct discount!

(You can contact AppSumo support for converting your chips into credits. That way you can use them on those deals distributed in tiers instead of codes.)

  • Priority sales access for AppSumo A+ members (LastCall, Extended Black Friday deals, Plus-exclusive…)
  • Free software subscriptions with access during the time you mantain the briefcase subscription (right now they only have 3-4 softwares that you can use for free. It is a plus if you need one of them).
  • 10% OFF extra discount on AppSumo (any payment).

PRO-TIP: If you have ever stacked any software (multiple codes) or buying at least one Appsumo deal per month on average (or 4 codes every quarter) then Briefcase is your best option.

Appsumo Briefcase Subscription is Extremely Flexible:

  • Even if you only want to access the subscription for getting the extra credits for buying deals you can cancel/stop the subscription anytime. You will keep all your purchases forever!
  • You can have more than one Briefcase account/subscription (linked to more than one Appsumo Account).
Do you like to get the most value for your money?

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If you are curious about it, you can also check Appsumo Plus membership (remember that my recommended option for 99% people is on the button above).


Below you will find the answer to the most common questions people ask me about the topic:

What is the main advantage of Briefcase by Appsumo over AppSumo Plus subscription?

Since both of them share most of the perks (10% OFF, priority access to sales), is the extra $50 credit (virtually a 25% discount) what makes Briefcase bright.

What do you mean when you say that Briefcase “offers a 25% discount”? 

Briefcase subscription gives you $197 in AppSumo credit for only $147. That’s $50 for free! 25% is an approximation because, if you realize, you pay for only 3 chips of 49 but you are getting 4 (1/4 free = 25%) when oppening your Briefcase account.

Is the 10% OFF from the AppSumo membership cummulative with other coupons?

Yes, now it is possible to enjoy a cumulative discount from any subscription (10% OFF) + a coupon code (of any value).

Below you will find some vouchers of 10% OFF each. Those coupons are usually active for those accounts that never have used them, so a new account should be able to redeem all of them. If you can make any of them work, you would enjoy a 20% on your next purchase! (10% from your subscription + a 10% OFF voucher)

  1. Appsumo discount code 1
  2. Appsumo discount code 2
  3. Appsumo discount code 3

Each discount usually only works once in each account, but there are times where AppSumo has reseted the discount codes for everyone, so it might worth to give them another try for time to time (I have used some of them more than once in a single account in different moments).

Is there any situation where Plus would be better for me instead of Briefcase?

Only if you hate to save money :p. Briefcase membership is the best for 99% of people.

Plus subcription needs you to spend at least in 21 deals of $49 to start being profitable. If you are already buying a single Appsumo code/deal per month or stacking a deal every 3 months, you will get the an exceptional value for your money with Briefcase.

I already have a current AppSumo Plus subscription, should I upgrade to Briefcase?

Without any doubt. Waiting makes not sense because the change is only going to benefit you! AppSumo also has a stellar support and they didn’t doubt about refunding the remaining months of my Plus subscription when I upgraded to Briefcase.

You should sign up to Briefcase as soon as possible.

What happens if the Appsumo deal to buy is under or over the value of a briefcase chip (49 USD)?

Kindly note that the chips only can be used as a whole. 1 chip can apply to 1 Appsumo code. Since each chip is $49 it can happen 3 things when the deal has different value:

  1. You buy something a $49 deal > You have maximized your chip.
  2. You buy something worth more than $49 > You have to pay for the difference (with the 10% discount that Briefcase provides).
  3. You buy something less than $49 > In a $39 deal, you would “lose” $10 value.
Am I really losing money if I get $39 deals with Briefcase chips?

Well, unfortunatelly most deals are over $39 so it is a not so common situation.

The thing is that, If you can maximize the value of every Briefcase chip ($49) then perfect, but I wouldn’t worry too much. The fun is in getting the deals you want and not get anxious by restricting your purchases based a few dollars difference.

Of course, if you have the chance to find any deals below $39, I would avoid to use a chip for that one. Even with $39, you would save money!

Don’t worry because In 99% situations you will be saving money with a Briefcase subscription.

How much time do I have for using the 4 chips from Briefcase subscription?

You have 90 days to spend the 4 chips ($49 each).

The deals you buy with chips credit works exactly the same as any other (60-day refund for most Appsumo deals). Kindly note that the 60 days for refunding the items are not going to extend the 90-day use of the chips. Think of chips as a payment method.I recommend you to keep it simple. Get the Briefcase subscription whenever you need to buy something, test it and if you like it keep it, if not, refund it. That way you will avoid most unnecessary calculations.

What is the guarantee for the deals that I buy with chips? Is there any refund policy? 

Think of Briefcase chips as a payment method. Almost every deal purchases on Appsumo has a 60-day guarantee and chips are simply kind of credits. AppSumo deals you buy with chips will continue having the same guarantee and rules.

Can I refund an AppSumo membership (Plus or Briefcase)?

Since you are getting the value right away (chips, perks…) the subscriptions that AppSumo offers, doesn’t come with a refund period. I recommend you to get the subscription on the moment you are going to make use of it.

There are deals that don’t work with codes but they work with the new tiers. Can I use Briefcase with tiers?

Even if AppSumo still haven’t implemented chips for tiers (they eventually will come with a solution), it is possible by doing the following:

Anyone who wants to exchange chips for credits for buying them just email AppSumo support ([email protected]) saying something like “Hey I cannot use my briefcase chips for buying a deal with tiers. Can you please transform all my chips for credits?”

And Voilà. All credits and 0 waste for using with the license-tied deals (it takes like 1-2 days to get the conversion so better make the request in advance).

Once the briefcase chips are over, can I disconnect my Briefcase membership & signup again for obtaining more chips?

First, a Briefcase membership don’t renew until. When you sign up a Briefcase account and sync with an AppSumo account, it will be connected those 4 months. That’s because the additional perks to the chips are still active (10% OFF, prioritary access…).If you cancell a Briefcase account (you have decided not to pay for the next term) the sync between Briefcasehq and the linked AppSumo will break, but only after those 4 months. After that time you can connect a new briefcase account account (when the membership has completely expired).

What if you don’t want to wait because you want to get more Briefcase chips for getting more discount on more deals? What other people do is to use a secondary email addresses for signing up to additional accounts of Briefcase and AppSumo

Can I restart a Briefcase subscription after cancelling it?

Once you cancel a briefcase account, that account is done, you cannot restar it. That’s not really an issue because you can create as many Briefcase accounts as you want (with different emails).

If I sign up to Appsumo Briefcase and buy 4 codes of any deal with chips. Can I cancel the subscription and keep my purchases forever?

Since we are not talking about a refund you are going to keep the AppSumo deals that you have bought by using briefcase chips. You have paid for the subscription that includes those codes/chips/credits so you will keep them forever.

What if I want to buy more and need more chips. Can I stack more than one Briefcase subscription on my AppSumo account?

Since Briefcase is a subscription, a single AppSumo account only can be syncronized with one Briefcase subscription at a time. If you want to get more chips then you would need to create additional Briefcase accounts and additional Appsumo accounts to syncronize them. I don’t know if AppSumo is going to love this (even if not ilegal), but I know many people that have many of both accounts, that way they save as much as possible.As you can see on the screenshot of a conversation that I had, I’m not joking about some people having more than one account.

Does AppSumo prefer me to buy Plus or Briefcase?

I cannot say about that but you have to know that AppSumo support has been always fantastic to me, so I believe they are not stingy with customers. Otherwise they wouldn’t offer you the amazing opportunity of getting Briefcase. Don’t feel guilty about saving as much money as you can. Use the extra money for getting some tacos 😉

I’m updating this article and FAQs whenever is a change on the conditions. Since this is a complex topic, most people prefer to save the article on the bookmarks of their browser, that way it will be handy when you need to refresh your knowledge or share it with friends

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